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Auto Locksmith San Jose, we make and duplicate replacement car keys and car key remotes. We also provide lock re-keying services and as well as keyless entry/transmitter programming.

Our keys will program specifically to work with your car. We can create car keys for just about any make and model.  Whether you’ve lost your car keys or your remote/key fob is broken. And also you need a replacement, we’ve got you cover. Not sure what type of key you need? Don’t worry – that’s what our locksmiths are for! We are experts at making Replacement Car Keys, replacement car door keys, coding locks and programming remotes to work exclusively with your vehicle.

Types of Car Keys Made

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Standard/Classic Car Keys:

These are basic metal keys and do not contain a transponder/chip. They may make completely of metal or have a rubber or plastic grip on the head.

Transponder Keys:

Also called “chip keys”, these have a larger head than standard keys because of the transponder chip require to be place in the head. A transponder key must program to a car for it to start and the chip must be compatible with the vehicle make and model.Transponder car keys are common in vehicles made in 2000 or later.

High-Security Keys:

These also contain a chip and must be programmed to a car for it to start. One step up from a transponder/chip key, it’s also called a “laser-cut key” because it must be cut on a special key cutter that cuts tracks into or on the outside of the key.

Proximity (PROX) keys and remotes:

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Also called “smart keys,” these are the future of car keys. PROX keys do not need to push into a lock or ignition to start the car, as there is no ignition lock cylinder, but instead have a start button that enables you to start the car from the outside, as long as you’re in close proximity. A PROX key is detected by the car’s antennas. One of the most popular vehicles using a smart key today is the Toyota Prius.

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Keyless remotes / transmitters:

These can be part of the actual key itself, as a series of buttons on the key head, or may be an entirely separate key fob, apart from the key itself. The exact design depends on the vehicle make, model and year.

In addition to car key replacement and duplication, we also provide lock coding and lock re-keying services. Our prices are very affordable, compared to what you’ll pay at a local car dealership. Give us a call, or fill out the form on contact page, and let us save you some money and get you back on the road!

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At Auto Locksmith San Jose we also have professionally trained locksmiths who are experts at providing these popular services and many more. Call Us Today, we would love to help you!

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