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Did you get locked out of your vehicle? Or did your teenage kid lose a key to his truck? Did the key get stuck in the ignition? No reason to panic. Just give us a call and we will save your day. Auto Locksmith San Jose is a team of highly experienced and certified professionals, who specialize in automotive locksmith services.

We use the latest equipment and tools, just as they use in the dealership, so with us you can replace the key to any model of a car.

Also, by investing in the best machinery we ensure that you will receive the highest quality of work and your vehicle will remain undamaged.

Since we have the dealership type of equipment, our technicians can provide you services from A to Z.

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Automotive Locksmith Services in San Jose

Car key replacement is not such an easy process as it may seem.

Because, it’s not just about making a duplicate of your key, as they do in the hardware shops.

It also involves cutting the teeth on the blade to be an exact match with your car door lock and the brand.

So, to make sure your replacement key is just as unique and secure as the original one, you should use the services of a professional auto

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Everyone would agree that having the key locked inside of the vehicle can be stressful and time consuming.

Of course, if you happen to have the window open, you can try to reach the handle and open the car yourself.

However, don’t try to pick the lock yourself.

To avoid more damage, call Automotive Locksmith San Jose.

Using special tools, our technician will solve the problem in a matter, and your vehicle will remain unharmed.

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More Benefits Available for You

We also offer car key programming, such as fob or remote key.

If you misplaced it or it doesn’t work, first of all, your locksmith will use the radio frequency equipment to define the frequency and the waves your car key responds to and then program it in accordance.

One of the most important parts of your vehicle is the ignition lock cylinder, so if your key is stuck or broken in it, you have to get it fixed promptly.

Right at your location, our specialist will diagnose the problem and fix it.

With the manufacturer approved tools, the locksmith technician will carefully remove and replace it for you or repair it at the spot.

Don’t hesitate, get your Auto Locksmiths now from Auto Locksmith San Jose.

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