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What is the first thing you do in your car to get it start? You put the key in the hole and turn to get it start. That keyhole is call as the ignition switch. The ignition of the car ensures the car starts properly, enabling the rest of the car’s engine to perform at peak capacity. The ignition has to be set at a perfect time, or the car may not run smoothly.

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When a mechanic tunes up your car’s engine, he or she will probably check the ignition and adjust it for maximum power. The ignition can also adjust to produce minimal emissions, whichever outcome is desire. The ignition starts off with a spark. This spark of electricity goes through the spark plugs into the cylinder of your car’s engine.

Battery Ignition System

This spark of electricity is what sends power from the ignition into the central part of the engine. Obviously, having spark plugs in good condition is imperative to your car’s health. Make sure you check your spark plugs! Or, have a certified mechanic check. It is recommended that spark plugs be replace every 30,000 miles. Replacing spark plugs is very inexpensive and can save some major repair costs in the future.

Another important component to the Battery ignition system is the ignition system coil. When a car turns on, it sends current from the battery through the ignition system coil. The coil is just an electromagnetic inductor that allows electrical current to run through it. Replacing the ignition system coil isn’t a big deal for a mechanic. It is not overly expensive either. Fortunately, the ignition coil doesn’t have to be replaced too often. Maybe every 4-5 years. Ask your mechanic what is right for your car.

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The final component of your car’s ignition is the distributor. The distributor is responsible for sending electrical current through the coil into the correct cylinder. Without the distributor, electrical current would be going all around in your car’s engine while you drove it! (If it would even go at all without a distributor).

Something you may want to consider is switching to a keyless ignition. Simply with the push of a button, your car will turn on without the need of a key. A new kit costs somewhere around $350 and your mechanic will charge normal hours for installing it. Although expensive, you won’t have to keep trying to figure out where you put your car keys.

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