Keys have come a long way in terms of technology and development since their oldest invention and use. The keys we use now do not look anything like those utilized 6,000 decades back in ancient Babylon and Egypt. There are many distinct types of keys in use now.

Car Keys

Transponder Key. This is also referred to as a chip key since there’s a microchip inside that sends a radio signal to the vehicle to lock or unlock it if a button has been pushed. Sometimes the remote is one piece with a metal key attached, and on occasion the remote is distinct from the metal key. This kind of key is quite secure and costly to duplicate. Some vehicles will even shut down entirely if the incorrect Transponder Key is utilized. Most recent vehicles include a transponder key.

Laser Cut Key. Occasionally called a sidewinder key because the key pattern is cut into both sides of the key, the laser cut key is also very tough and expensive to Duplication Key, making it very secure. It is commonly used together with a transponder key.

Valet Key. A valet key allows restricted access to the car for additional safety. It will not permit access into the glove box or trunks, letting you keep your luggage and valuables protected while using valet service. Do not confuse it with your door key, which only unlocks the doors but will not start the motor vehicle.

Smart Car Key. Similar to a transponder key but much more advanced, smart car keys can not only unlock the car from an area, but also start the vehicle remotely. All these are even more challenging to replicate, making them extremely secure.

   Vehicle Anti-Theft Key (VAT). This key is an update to the standard car key, which includes an additional safety chip imbedded to the blade of the key. These are very difficult to replace if lost and difficult for locksmiths to get.

Commercial Building Keys

Key Cards. They feature magnetic strips that can be readily reset several times. These can also be utilized in hospitals, government buildings, banks, and any construction where access to specific regions has to be limited to specific individuals.

Master Key. Designed to open multiple doors, master keys are often utilized in buildings like schools, churches, and other community buildings. The benefit to master keys is that lots of people can gain access to a lot of distinct rooms in a building without needing to carry a lot of keys. These aren’t perfect for high Security Locksmith locations.

Skeleton Key. A skeleton key is essentially a key that has been filed down in order to become a master key. The term “skeleton” identifies the fact that the key has been reduced to the bare bones so that it could open many doors.

Magnetic Key. Using a series of magnets, the key will push and pull internal tumblers inside a lock to release it. It’s harder to pick than a typical lock but doesn’t require any electricity to operate.

Residential Keys

 Mechanically Cut Key. All these are simple to replicate in self-service key cutting machines, meaning that the safety level is pretty low. Most homeowners compensate for this by installing safety systems in their home or alternative door locking mechanisms. Mechanically cut keys were used for older cars before transponder keys and smart keys were devised.

Other Types of Keys

Locksmith San Jose gives a variety of other types of keys available which may be less common or used for other purposes beyond your usual daily activities. These include:

  • Tubular
  • Paracentric
  • Abloy
  • Cruciform
  • Double or Four Sided
  • Padlock
  • Diary

If you’ve got a key or lock You Want to know more about, Get in touch with a locksmith for aid.

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