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Did you lock your car key in your Acura vehicle? Now you can’t get inside because you don’t have a spare Acura key. Don’t get too upset just yet, because Auto Locksmith San Jose is here to help. First of all, we will help you to regain access to your Acura vehicle. And then we can duplicate Acura key for you to avoid lockouts in the future. The services we provide include automotive, residential and commercial assistance.

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When you have a lockout emergency, there’s never a good time for that. Most likely you are in a hurry and have things to do. So, if you got stuck outside your Acura and can’t get in, it’s a good time to call a locksmith for help. Don’t try to unlock your car by yourself, though. If you use some foreign objects in trying to open your car, you can cause some unwanted damage that will lead to unnecessary expenses. Therefore, we will make sure to save you time and money. After you call an expert locksmith will arrive to you. They will be able to unlock the car using professional tools and keep your locks damage free.

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Duplication of Acura Key

Duplicate Acura Key | Duplicate Acura Key San Jose

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After you will get your car unlocked, you can get a key duplication right at your location. The locksmith have all the tools that are necessary to duplicate Acura key in their vans. Usually, it requires car key cutting and very often programming. Cutting the key is a fairly simple task and doesn’t take much time. Thus, Programming the key is necessary to make sure that your keys will perform the functions that remote or transponder keys have. So, when they duplicate Acura key, which is remote, they will have to program it according to the car radio frequency to respond the on board computer. After that your new key will perform all the functions, they should, such as start the engine, open a door or trunk, etc. Having a spare Acura key will help you avoid the car lockout in the future.

So, the next time you need to duplicate Acura key, call Auto Locksmith San Jose and we will be there to assist you.

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