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For any car owner the car key is a very important thing, but it is very easy to lose this little item and start overreacting. If it happens you’ll need to have a car key made from the auto locksmiths company.

We agree, it’s a very unfortunate event, but still not the end of the world. Process of cutting a new key for your vehicle is a somewhat complex process.

Although, for our locksmith technicians it isn’t difficult. We have special modern equipment that allows us to make a new key for your car, whether it’s an older vehicle key or modern fob or remote car key.

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So, What Do You Need To have a Car Key Made?

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First of all, we need to know the model and make of you vehicle. The car key for old vehicles are very simple and standard.

All we will need to do is to cut your new car key. It will match the car door lock and the ignition perfectly.

It sounds simple enough, however this process requires a certified professional locksmith to operate the equipment.

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If you have a car of one of the latest models, making a car key will be slightly more complex.

New cars that use electronic remote car keys, have an extra level of security.

So, even if the key is cut to match the ignition, the car won’t start unless the chip in the key is programmed according to the vehicle specifications.

When your auto locksmiths make a remote car key, they will have to determine the radio frequency your vehicle is operating on.

You can also try to program your key yourself. There are a lot of material and instructions about programming remote car keys.

Although, we recommend that you leave it for the locksmith professionals. Having made car key should guarantee your security, and even with a tiny error, the key won’t work properly.

That’s why a better idea is to let the automotive locksmith deal with that.

Give us a call if you need a new car key made.

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