Unfortunately, the Locksmith San Jose industry is full of scam artists. In the end, when you need a Professional Locksmith, you may be in an emergency situation and not thinking clearly. You’re in a prime position to be taken advantage of, so it’s crucial to understand how to quickly separate the professionals from the scammers. Here is what you should know.

Think Local

Many scam locksmiths pretend to be local, but really are not. Look for a local phone number and address, and search the address online to make sure it isn’t also being used for different companies. Pay attention to the way in which the company answers the telephone. Many hackers use a generic term such as “Locksmith services” or a knockoff of a reliable local name.

Check ID

Ask for the locksmith’s identification when he or she arrives. San Jose like 14 other states needs Locksmith to become licensed. Request a copy of the locksmith’s permit too. Be extremely skeptical if the Auto Locksmith is unmarked or conveys a different business name than the one that you thought you called.

A Reliable Locksmith should also ask you for ID or evidence of ownership of the home or vehicle that should be unlocked. If this does not happen, consider selecting a different company.

Ask for an Estimate

It’s Typical for sketchy locksmiths to quote unreasonably Low rates, in the area, over the phone. Then as soon as the Automobile Locksmith shows up, he or she asserts the job is much more complex than called and will cost considerably more. Don’t hire a company which quotes a ridiculously low price over the phone, and always ask the locksmith who arrives to supply an estimate before starting work. Be sure to ask about additional charges such as service telephone minimums and mileage too.

Say No to Drilling

The sole reason to drill out a lock is if it is a high Security lock which utilizes a Technical Key and stops bumping or picking. If you don’t, though, then a respectable locksmith will not need to drill. Drilling is an easy method for unethical locksmiths to run up the invoice, so refuse to allow it. Be aware that if you are having a safe opened, drilling may be critical.

Ask Questions

If you’re locked out of your home or car, your top priority is probably to obtain access as quickly as possible. However, to avoid being ripped off, it’s very important to ask detailed questions and pay close attention to the answers. Example questions include:

Where are you located?

How will you gain entry?

Should I send you a picture of the lock?

Can you give me an estimate? What are some factors that could raise the price?

Can I pay with a credit card?

What is the name of the locksmith you are sending?

Be Prepared

Of course, the best way to avoid locksmith scams is to develop a relationship with a skilled, a professional locksmith. Having a locksmith you understand and hope on standby can be invaluable when you unexpectedly find yourself in a crisis situation.

Ready to Get Started?

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