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Locksmith key codes uses to make keys. These key codes are comprised of characters that have both letters and numbers; hence, they are alphanumeric key codes. If you observe the locks on your desks or filing cabinets or their keys. You’ll notice that they have specific letters and numbers stamped on them. Hence, these numbers and letters are key codes. Key codes generated in a random fashion and provide an identity to a key that’s different from that of other keys. Auto Locksmith San Jose has the skills to decipher any lock’s key code and make a key to fit the lock.

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There are lots of types of key codes. The first form is the direct digit key code. The value of the digit indicates the depth of the cut. Many lock manufacturers publish the key code of the key. So, the second type of key coder is one where there’s a pattern between the code and the key. Mathematical tricks are in this type of key code and hence this code isn’t a straightforward one where each digit corresponds to the depth of the cut. There’s a third type of code that’s quite complex and needs a codebook to decode it. Since there is no pattern to the cuts on the key, the locksmith has to have a codebook.

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Types of Key Codes

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Locksmith key codes are often of into 2 types; blind codes and bitting codes. However, for safety purposes, only licensed locksmiths can have access to these codebooks and computer applications. Auto Locksmiths San Jose can also make their own blind code systems for high security customers by utilizing the method of blind coding. Bitting codes are those codes that are translated by the locksmiths from the blind codes. So, locksmiths use the bitting codes on blank keys to produce the new key. The blind code provides the setting and information required for the bitting code. Once the locksmith receives the bitting code, he can then set his code system to that particular setting and then reduce the new key.

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