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Did your car key break? Or did you misplace it? You may need replacement auto keys in case you damaged the keys, or lost them. We will provide you with fast car key replacement services of the highest quality.

Sometimes, when you are trying to open your car, the key won’t open it from the first attempt. This may be a sign that your auto key is worn and the teeth don’t match the lock anymore.

In this situation you will need to replace your car key as soon as possible, because next time you may not be able to open your vehicle at all. It’s very important to define the problem soon and contact your emergency auto locksmith promptly.

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If the key gets stuck in the door lock, most people try to extract it themselves, which may cause some damage not only to the key, but to the lock as well.

If that happens you will also need car door lock repair services and replace both the key and the lock. In order to avoid it and reduce the expenses, it’s better to call our professional mobile auto locksmiths.

Because, not only do they have the proper tools and equipment, but also years of solid background to guarantee the security of your vehicle.

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Replacement Auto Keys When They Are Defected

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In most of the situations car keys break if you use them in the wrong lock.

If you have a lot of keys on your keychain, very easily you can confuse two keys that look alike.

The key may actually fit in the lock, but it won’t turn. It is also common to think that it jammed and put more effort trying to turn it, and that’s when your car key may break.

If that happened you should call auto locksmith immediately.

We will shortly be at your location and will be able to extract the key and replace it with a brand new exact copy.

Aside from standard keys, which will require only a proper key cutting out of the metal blade, we can also replace remote keys for you.

If for some reason your remote fob key stopped working, most likely it needs reprogramming in accordance with your vehicle specifications.

Sometimes, there also may be a problem with the plastic fob itself. We will replace it as well and after program your remote key.

As you see, if your key breaks, bends or you lost it, you don’t have to worry. Just call Auto Locksmith in San Jose and we will quickly provide you with our replacement auto keys solutions.

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