Humans are locking up our homes for approximately as long as we’ve been assembling them. In today’s world, cultured burglars make it essential to continuously ramp up house Security Locksmith, but fundamental door locks remain the cornerstone for safeguarding our houses. Nevertheless not all of Key Locks are right for all purposes. Here is a guide to a number of the most usual lock kinds used in houses.


Arguably among the most Frequent Lock types of all, deadbolts are in widespread use in both homes and businesses. Deadbolts are among the most protected types of lock, and therefore are usually used on outside doors. But, not all of deadbolts are the same. They are available in single and double cylinder designs, and are rated based on the amount of power they could defy. Some have additional safety features built in. If you decide on deadbolts, be sure to select high-quality variants.

Door Knob Locks

Door knob locks can’t withstand a great deal of force; therefore they are seldom the only line of defense on an Exterior Doorway. But they function well on interior doors, and as a secondary layer of protection on outside doors. Burglars prefer to obtain access quickly, therefore a door with both a Door Knob Lock and a deadbolt can slow them down just enough that they opt to move on.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Maybe you have noticed a door handle which was long and thin, with a lock below? That is a searchable lever lock. This style of lock functions similarly to a door knob lock, so it should not be used as the sole lock on an outside doorway. That said, if you like the aesthetics, there is not any reason not to use this type of hardware in your home.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks look like cylindrical lever locks, but are considered as secure as deadbolts. They are most frequently found in older homes, apartment complexes, and industrial properties, but they’re readily available to individual homeowners too. Mortise locks are really robust and hard to bypass.

Smart Locks

Bright Locksmith is now exceptionally common. Many can be connected to an entire Smart House system, enhancing overall security. Smart Locks can also be incredibly convenient, since you can provide and eliminate access remotely for babysitters, building employees, and other service professionals, or even out of town guests. You never have to worry about losing your Ignition Key, and you can change the passcode if you believe it has been compromised.

Yet smart locks may also be vulnerable to hacking and data theft. Make sure to realize the

Safety Protocols for your individual lock, and consistently follow best practices to keep your private data secure.

There are, of course, a number of other types of locks too. Based on your requirements, you may have a padlock on your fence, a sliding door lock on the door to your pool, a locking filing cabinet, and numerous additional locks within your home. With all these locks to pick from, it’s best to get help from a specialist Locksmith San Jose to ensure your house is fully shielded.

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