In San Jose, locks on rental properties are regulated by the San Jose Property Code. A renter cannot waive the right to the security devices and procedures recorded in the code, regardless of what language is at the rental. Here’s exactly what you ought to know.

Required Security Devices

Every rental unit in San Jose must have the following Security Locksmith devices installed at the landlord’s expense:

One window latch on each exterior window

A Door Knob Lock or keyed deadbolt on each exterior door

A keyless deadbolt on each exterior door

A peephole or other viewing window on each exterior door

A sliding door pin lock AND either a handle latch or a security bar on each Exterior Locksmith sliding glass door

Switch Locksmith must be changed or rekeyed at the landlord’s expense within seven days of a new tenant moving in.

Note that if a Minimum of one exterior door has a Keyed Deadbolt and a keyless deadbolt, and all other exterior doors have a keyless deadbolt at the time the lease is signed, the landlord does not have to install Extra Keyed Locks. Also notice that in case the tenant is older than age 55 or has a mental or physical disability, along with the written lease permits or requires the landlord to check on the renter’s well-being, keyless deadbolts aren’t required provided proper keyed deadbolts are installed.

Tenant Remedies

If the landlord does not supply a required security apparatus

Install or rekey the Safety Locksmith apparatus and subtract the complete Price from another rent payment

File lawsuit against the landlord to force compliance

Changing Locks after a Break-In Attempt

If there is an actual or attempted break-in either at the Tenant’s Residential Locksmith or within the apartment complex, the tenant may, over the next two months, ask the landlord change or rekey the locks. If the tenant notifies the landlord of this break-in effort and isn’t delinquent in payments, the landlord must comply within three days.

Other Security Devices

A Switch Locksmith landlord should install or rekey certain extra security Apparatus in the tenant’s request; however, the tenant is liable for the total price of labor, materials, taxes, and extra keys:

A keyed deadbolt on an exterior door when the door has a Doorknob lock or a keyless bolting device but not a keyed deadbolt (subject to notes above)

A safety bar on each exterior sliding glass door if the Door already has a pin lock along with a handle latch

Added rekeying of a lock at any time

Note that a tenant Might Not Be held responsible for repairing Or replacing a security apparatus that collapsed due to ordinary wear and tear.

Landlords have a legal responsibility to provide living Premises that are safe and habitable. If you have some questions regarding the legal requirements for Locksmith San Jose and safety apparatus on rental properties in San Jose, we recommend that you talk to a local lawyer who is experienced in leasing property law.

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