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In a busy schedule we all have nowadays, there’s no time for unexpected emergencies. Whenever an emergency happens, it can ruin all the plans for the day, be it a nice weekend with your family or a big day at work. So, whenever you have a big day with important meetings and lots of things to do to seal that deal; and get locked out of your business place, it can be unbelievably frustrating. However, don’t let the unexpected emergency to ruin your deal. Just call Auto Locksmith San Jose and have a professional to open business door for you.

Need to Open Business Door? Call Us (408) 899-5558

When you get locked out of your business, no matter how complicated or simple your locks are, don’t try to unlock it by yourself. If you have standard locks and something jams inside and you can’t turn the key, don’t put too much force on it. If you try too much to turn or take the key out when it’s stuck, you may break it and damage the lock. This may lead to additional expenses as well as the waste of time.

Call professional commercial locksmith in you area to come and help you out. You don’t have to worry about being to late with your deal. Because after you call, the locksmith will be at your locations within 15-20 minutes. They will have professional tools, which will allow them to open business door for you fast and damage free.

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Electronic Locks

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If the lock that you have on your door is electronic, the lockout may become a little more tricky. While the standard locks are easy to open with tools and proper skills, the electronic locks may have a bit of a mind of their own. Depending on what kind of error occurred or which wires disconnected, it will require different work to get them open. In this case, you definitely have to call a professional. By dealing every day with different kinds of electronic locks, suck as access control with fobs or key cards, or fingerprint locks, commercial locksmith know different tricks on how to get it working fast. So, call the locksmith to open business door for you, instead of wasting time in a lockout.

So, the next time your key won’t turn in ignition, call Auto Locksmith San Jose and we will be there to assist you.

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