Many people buy a wall or other type of safe for home or business use, never anticipating that it could need to be serviced or repaired by a professional safe locksmith. But just like any other kind of security equipment, safes can and do break down.

When there is money, jewelry or important documents in the safe, it is crucial to choose a trained, professional locksmith. An experienced technician can thoroughly size up the situation and perform the needed services, from opening safes to changing the combination.

Although films may feature criminals who seem to be easily able to crack safes, it is not nearly as simple to truly open a safe in real life. It can take years of training to learn the right techniques and know what type of tools will open a safe without causing permanent damage to it. With the right training, a locksmith may also be able to open some safes by gently moving the combination locks and carefully listening and feeling the subtle changes that help open the lock.

In other cases, a locksmith can open a safe by drilling into it but this is not a job for an untrained person. Only the fully experienced locksmith understands where to find the drill points for each specific type of safe. This information is not shared with the general public.

That’s why it is important to have a locksmith open a safe if it is jammed or the combination no longer works. Home or business owners who try to force open a safe can cause permanent damage to it.

The professional safe locksmith will also know how to service all sorts of safes, including antique and commercial safes as well as bank vaults or jewelers safes. Each type requires special techniques and it can take years of hands on training in the field to become a pro. Only a quality safe opening service should be used, especially since antique safes can be valuable even before anything is put in them.They can be collectors’ items, in some cases worth thousands of dollars.

To maintain a safe and help prevent problems, regular maintenance is always highly recommended. Annual cleaning and lubricating of the parts of a safe are very important to keep it in the best possible condition (sometimes it is best to clean and lubricate the safe even more often).

Again, this is not something for the average person to do. Antique safes can be ruined by using improper cleaning or lubricating solutions which can hurt the interior and exterior of the safe as well as the inner workings. This could greatly lessen the value of the safe itself and also affect its use.

What about safes which have been inherited or bought at auction where the combination is lost or was not written down? Again, a well-trained locksmith can either figure out the combination or safely drill into the safe so that only a tiny hole is made. After that, it can often be possible to reset or put in a new lock with a combination that works.

From opening a broken or jammed safe to regular servicing, lubricating and repairs, a locksmith service is the best choice. The pros can also save valuable time and energy while ensuring that a safe maintains its value and provides security for years to come.

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