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Suzuki Key Replacement

Suzuki vehicles have come a long way since they were first introduced to the Australian car market. They are now amongst the most advanced and sophisticated vehicles driving on our roads today. If your Suzuki was made after 2000 there is a very strong chance that it has a factory immobilizer or “transponder” system built into it. The vehicles security system is designed to stop your car from being hotwired and easily stolen. Regardless of whether you have a remote on your key or not your key has a chip inside it that has information that your car needs to start. Pick Me Car Locksmith Adelaide have spent many years making keys to all models of Suzuki including Swift, Vitara, Alto and Baleno. We can come to your car and cut spare or new keys quickly and easily with our fully equipped mobile workshop.
1 – Do you have a key code for your car?
2 – Do you have the pin code for your car?
3 – Do you have the VIN for your car?
4 – Do you have the month and year your car was built?
1 – The key code and the pin code may be written in your cars service/warranty booklet
2 – Your VIN can be found on your registration papers or on the cars compliance sticker.
Some stickers are on the door panel and some are under the bonnet. The build date is
Do not worry if you have lost all your Suzuki keys, all is not lost! We can make you a new set of Suzuki keys without replacing the ECU, locks or ignition barrel. We can also make sure your lost keys can no longer gain entry to the vehicle or start it. All for a fraction of the cost that dealers will charge.
We can even come out to you and access your vehicle without damaging anything (non-destructive) and make you a new key at the roadside. This will save you money on having the vehicle towed and not to mention the inconvenience.

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