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Volkswagen Key Replacement

Volkswagen Key Replacement, the Auto Locksmith San Jose can provide Volkswagen Key Replacement.

And Volkswagen Key Replacement car key programming for all models.

Our mobile car locksmith service covers all of London.

And the Home Counties and is the most economical and fastest way to obtain replacement Volkswagen car keys.

Or to obtain a spare set of car keys.

All this can be done while you wait, wherever you are and we will not be beaten at price for Volkswagen car programming.

Do All Volkswagen cars start the same way?

Volkswagen cars from M plate upwards (1995) use an immobilizer system that prevents the vehicle from starting without the correct key.

The immobilizer is deactivated by a small transponder chip that is embedded in the head of the key.

Earlier Volkswagen models use a separate immobilizer box.

Whilst some of the later models ( T plates and upwards) use an immobilizer system that is combined with the dashboard clocks.

With the earlier models of Volkswagen cars (pre-2006), our vehicle locksmiths use a key reader that is inserted into the car lock to read the water depths.

This allows us to cut a new key without having to remove the lock.

The correct transponder chip that is required to deactivate the immobilizer box.

Then inserted into the key, without the need for a security code first.

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It has made cars more secure and harder to steal because the chip is unique to each vehicle.

But it has also made it more difficult for car locksmiths given the fact that Volkswagen dealers don’t make the coded information available.

Instead, they retain the information on file, logged against a vehicle’s chassis number.

VW dealers also keep the key number for the vehicle on file.

Thus if you need a replacement Volkswagen key for a model post-2006.

Volkswagen Key Replacement

Volkswagen Key Replacement

The VW dealer will look up the necessary information.

Cut a replacement key with the uniquely coded transponder chip embedded in it and then send it to your local dealer.

It is a process that can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days.

This isn’t much good if you have a car that you need but can’t use.

Especially relevant as you will also have to pay to have your Volkswagen recovered to the garage in order to have the new key programmed to your car.

It is a costly process and Volkswagen Car Key Replacement made easy.

The Auto Locksmith San Jose is one of a very few company that has invested in specialist software and diagnostic equipment.

That enables our mobile locksmiths to extract from VW cars.

The unique 4 digit security code that is required to program the keys.

Volkswagen dealers may call this the secret key code (SKC) but it isn’t to us!!

Our investment in the necessary specialist equipment means.

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Door Key Duplication Service Near You

That our vehicle emergency locksmith can cut new keys and program the transponder key to your car.

Plus we can reproduce remote fobs for central locking, all while you wait.

Our service is not just about replacing lost car keys, broken car keys.

Or helping you gain access to your car if you have accidentally locked your keys inside.

Perhaps you only have one set of keys and are requiring a spare set.

It doesn’t matter if the problem isn’t urgent.

We will still come to you and produce a spare set of keys for you whether you are at work or at home.

As long as you are within our catchment area of London and the Home Counties of Berkshire, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Kent, Essex, Sussex or Middlesex.

All you need to know is the number to call.

Finally, the Auto Locksmith San Jose will take care of the rest.

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